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Cost of Rooftop Solar Power System Rs 22,000

 The $0.167/watt average solar panel price noted above is just for the solar panels. There are many other costs that go into a rooftop solar power system, including the installation cost and various operational and overhead costs that a solar installer works into the price. The price of a 1 kW rooftop solar power installation has dropped to just about Rs 22,000 making it far more competitive and affordable than conventional sources of energy, particularly from polluting coal-fired plants. To make the subsidy scheme work, Punjab has announced subsidies for grid-connected rooftop solar systems ranging between 1 and 10 kW only in the residential sectors. The subsidy is not available for installations in the non-residential sectors like social, government, educational, public sector undertakings, statutory or autonomous bodies, private, commercial, and industrial sectors. "At Rs 22,000 for a 1 kW installation, rooftop solar would be the cheapest source of power for household .. Accord